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1) In the marine biome, the main human concern is oil spills another factor is

a)phytoplankton            b)microorganisms     c)the intertidal zone         d)pollution

2) Besides a common name, every animal (including oceanic spieces) has a ___________name.

3) Stricter laws have helped to slow down this ocean pollution. True or false?

4) Where would you expect to find a marine biome?

a) the Pacific Ocean b)the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans c) all oceans in the world d) all bodies of water

5) The intertidal zone is where __meets ___.

6)  The oceans represent the largest and most diverse of the ecosystems. True or false.

7) Coral is a living organism that we consider to be a

a) plant    b)animal       c) mollusk          d)macro organism

8.  Eutonina indicans live in cooler ___oceans.

9. Phytoplankton is an example of a simple animal. True or false.

10. Marine regions include all of these but

a) zone 1   b) abyssal zones      c) pelagic zones    d) coral reefs

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