Human Influences/Health Concerns/Threats

09/17/2008 20:02
 Human Influences/Health Concerns/Threats         One main human influence that concerns the marine biome is oil spills. Oil spills in Alaska are a main concern. If a large ship spills oil, animals, land, and water are all affected by this spill. Animals get covered in...

Animal Life

09/16/2008 20:38
  Animal Life The marine biome is home for many animals, seeing the oceans alone account for about three quarters of the world. In fact, "oceans represent the largest and most diverse of the ecosystems."(Marine Biomes, par 1) Generally, when we speak of marine biomes we characterize the biome...

Plant Life

09/15/2008 13:49
  Plant Life The oceanic part of the marine biome contains many plants that are called simple plants because of the lack of intricacy of their structures. An example of a simple plant would be phytoplankton.(Biomes: Geography 316, par 106) Phytoplankton are a very important plant in the marine...

Physical features

09/14/2008 15:58
  Physical Features The oceanic biome is "determined by physical and chemical environmental factors".(Biome-Major Biomes and their characteristics, par 15) Waves, tides, currents, transitions through oceanic zones, basin-like estuaries, continental shelves, abyssal plains, rises, ridges, and...

Location and climate

09/13/2008 13:42
  Location and Climate "Marine regions cover about three-fourths of the Earth's surface and include oceans, coral reefs, and estuaries."(The Marine Biome, par 1) Those three locations may seem broad topic. Indeed,they are. Oceans, coral reefs, and estuaries can be broken down even farther. At...

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