Plant Life

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Plant Life

The oceanic part of the marine biome contains many plants that are called simple plants because of the lack of intricacy of their structures. An example of a simple plant would be phytoplankton.(Biomes: Geography 316, par 106) Phytoplankton are a very important plant in the marine biome. This plant is the base of a marine food web. If this plant is taken out of a food web everything else above it would die out because of starvation. Everything below phytoplankton would become overpopulated. Most marine creatures feed on phytoplankton from large whales to the tiniest of fish. (Marine Biome-Marine Biology, par 6) Coastal areas of the ocean are never the same at any two times. It is simply changing every second. Various marine plants live at the bottom of the ocean, some float by and on the seashore. For example, many kinds of seaweeds and kelp roam the ocean. Rocky coastal areas are host to fewer species because only the highest of tides will reach the top of the cliffs. (Marine Biomes, par 2) 




Phytoplankton Micrographs

phytoplankton on a micrograph(




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