Human Influences/Health Concerns/Threats

09/17/2008 20:02

 Human Influences/Health Concerns/Threats





One main human influence that concerns the marine biome is oil spills. Oil spills in Alaska are a main concern. If a large ship spills oil, animals, land, and water are all affected by this spill. Animals get covered in this thick substance that can eventually weigh them down and cause them to drown. The oil can also get in the animals skin or be swallowed by an animal, which would poison it. The land can be affected by oil because it makes erosion difficult and it creates problems with natural nutrients the land depends on.(Open Ocean Biome, par 10)

Pollution is another factor when talking about human influences and concerns to the marine biome. "Freshwater biomes have suffered mainly from pollution. Runoff containing fertilizer and other wastes and industrial dumpings enter into rivers, ponds, and lakes and tend to promote abnormally rapid algae growth. When these algae die, dead organic matter accumulates in the water. This makes the water unusable and it kills many of the organisms living in the habitat. Stricter laws have helped to slow down this thoughtless pollution."(The World's Biomes)

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